Winter clothes in Bangladesh

Here at Women’s World we love fashion and share our fashion tips and tricks on a daily basis. This week we’re highlighting our favorite winter clothes in Bangladesh – but before you pack up your winter gear you need to know about the country’s weather!

Bangladesh experiences two seasons, tropical monsoon and dry summers. During the rainy season, it rains over 160 days each year with an annual average rainfall of just over 2 meters per year. The hottest month is June when temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius. The coolest months are December-January when temperatures hover around 30 degrees Celsius.

When temperatures drop, you can command a bargain on winter clothes in Bangladesh. The market is flooded with cheap, good quality furs and soft jerseys. A winter coat can be bought for around BDT 100 (USD 2) and the temperature is perfect for not only wearing but also for sleeping in.

The price of winter clothes is set mainly by the quality of the materials used. You can find excellent quality heavy winter coats costing about BDT 1000. The temperature of Bangladesh’s winters are quite low, so warm attire is highly recommended.

Fur is a great way to stay warm during the winter. In Bangladesh, you can find many Chinese and Russian furs to shop from at very affordable prices.

Winter clothes in Bangladesh – Tips for shopping winter clothes

There are a number of shops that sell winter clothes in Bangladesh. Some of the famous shopping streets for winter season include Mirpur Road, Old Market Area and Elephant Road.

The best time to shop for winter clothes is at the end of the rainy season from December to January. This is when you can find a wide range of winter clothing at very attractive prices. If you want to buy a fur jacket or coat during this period, you should come a little early as they will run out of stock quickly.

If you are going for shopping at Mirpur road during the month of December and January, take extra care as it gets pretty cold around dusk and dawn. It is recommended that you carry a scarf or shawl with you.

There are a number of tailors in Dhaka who can stitch out winter clothes for you. They charge around BDT 100 per piece. During winter, the tailors are crowded with customers to get their clothes stitched out. You should take care while choosing your cloth to get stitched out as the materials use are often not good enough for winter wear.

You can buy some high-quality garments from various shops in Dhaka but since they are expensive, it is recommended that you buy them after checking their quality and the price tag carefully.

There are a number of online retailers who offer winter clothes in Bangladesh. You can get the best prices for winter clothes from them. If you are planning to buy winter gear from abroad, you can shop via Amazon or eBay and choose the best product for yourself.

Bangladesh is well-known for its cheap and good quality winter clothing but if you want to buy good quality jackets we recommend that you shop in Europe or the United States where they sell at a much higher price than Dhaka. We hope our blog post about shopping for winter clothes in Bangladesh has been helpful to all of you.

Whenever you are planning to buy any winter clothes, you should check their quality before purchasing them. If the price tag is too low, it is likely that the quality of the product isn’t very good. It’s always better to choose medium-priced products as they are likely to be of good quality.

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